Oral sex youtube videos

It broke the record for the shortest time to reach 1 billion views on YouTube — 88 days. It peaked at Number 2 on the US Billboard This has makes the show acceptable to Muslim audiences, including in populous countries, such as Indonesia. On 30 January , the official video was uploaded to YouTube. And it is in Russian. The song spent 12 weeks at the top of the US Billboard and reached Number One in a number of other countries. Maroon 5 has genuinely crashed the weddings shown in the video. It achieved this milestone on 8 May , just 97 days after its release. It also demonstrates how YouTube is now a global phenomenon.

Oral sex youtube videos

It shows Bruno Mars, Mark Ronson, and the Hooligans walking around cities, kitted out in brightly colored suits and chains. Enrique Iglesias also recorded two versions in Portuguese with different people doing the additional vocals for different markets. Some of the grooms got cold feet and had to be talked into allowing the activity take place. Gangnam Style — Psy It would be fair to say that Gangnam Style was an unexpected mega-hit, that set records on YouTube, that some people believed would never be bettered. Dark Horse was the first video from a female artist to receive 1 billion views on YouTube. It reached 2 billion views in June , and 3 billion in January The video tells a fictional story of Katy Perry adapting to life in the jungle after surviving a plane crash. The original Spanish version acts as the theme song for the soap opera Reina de Corazones. It must have been a shock to the brides to find Adam Levine serenading them at their weddings. The song spent 12 weeks at the top of the US Billboard and reached Number One in a number of other countries. People have viewed that version over million times to date. Some episodes of the English-language version are available on Netflix. They recorded four music videos— one for each version of the song. Overall, See You Again was the best selling song in the world in The video wasn't released until February It is not an official video although official copies of this episode do exist on YouTube. Masha and the Bear: Recipe for Disaster — Get Movies This is by far the most unusual video on this list. No matter where you went, there always seemed to be an Ed Sheeran song playing. The band worked with film director, David Dobkin on the music video. Adam Levine stated, "It was an out of body experience. The Spanish version has proven particularly popular, having been viewed more than 2. She even tames a tiger. UpTown Funk — Mark Ronson ft. It was written as a tribute to fan-favorite, the late actor Paul Walker.

Oral sex youtube videos

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    Despacito became the first video on YouTube to achieve the milestones of both three and four billion views. It was successful in many countries, reaching the top position across the world, including in both the UK and USA.


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