Sex and the married woman

Surely blame can be laid at the feet of both husband and wife and yet there can be no argument that the husband's need for physical love from his wife was as real as his wife's need for abstinence at the outset of her medical condition. In regards to the sexual nature of the married man and woman there is a bond that forms, and continues to develop, that will be unlike any other bond that this same man and woman would be able to form with any other person. But as time wore on, and the reasons for abstaining from a sexual relationship began to wane, the physical intimacy did not get re-established. You don't reveal things about your marriage. The good Lord has made one of those obligations physical and sacred.

Sex and the married woman

Some obligations will be embraced while others will be considered necessary but unpleasant. If we can collectively agree that the need to practice self-control is a given part of man's nature - and we are specifically speaking about "man," then wives should feel an obligation to at least consider ways in which their denial of sex puts undue strain upon the expectation of a husband's fidelity. This teaching is many thousands of years old and clearly based upon the understanding that God created the martial union for the pleasure of both husband and wife but also in the ways in which it elevates them as pro-creators with God. Is it unreasonable for a wife to give herself to her husband even is she is not "in the mood? And anything she didn't know before she started her book, she certainly knows now. There won't be any problem if it waits till next week. It is meant for their mutual pleasure and continued growth as man and wife. Is it okay with you if I don't cut the lawn? The second is to recognize what we read in Matthew 5: What could another week hurt? So, when a page from a 50's woman's magazine made its way around the office, and then was posted in the break room for all of us to see, we chuckled -- as required -- and poked fun at the list of "Wifely Duties" as laid out in the one page copy. So - to hell with Friends! But it's not half bad being a married girl, and I thought it was about time someone should say that. Sex and the married woman Most watched News videos. JPII taught very clearly on the "gift of self" and when a woman understands that gift of self has many dimensions, she will also see that one of those dimensions is the physical way in which she can give herself to her husband. Catholicism has long taught the virtue of self-control and it is completely reasonable for a wife to expect that virtue to be practiced by her husband. Most specifically, this attitude ended up in the marriage bed where a woman was now "expected" to withhold herself even if it was just to make a statement. You don't reveal things about your marriage. No prohibition in all the Torah is as difficult to keep as that of forbidden unions and illicit sexual relations. I can remember that day as if it were yesterday because there was something deep down inside of me that stirred in response to that 50's woman's magazine. It was all about "her" and not about "them. A husband should learn ways in which he can romance his wife and put her in the mood while a wife should learn ways in which she can still give of herself when the mood doesn't manifest. The reasons were legitimate, her ailments real. The husband wakes up and stretches his arms out and says a bit sheepishly, "Gee, it was good to take a break from cutting the lawn last week. We know so much about being single now, but very little about marriage.

Sex and the married woman

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    And anything she didn't know before she started her book, she certainly knows now. Many of us weren't consciously choosing this life; rather, we were swept along in the tides of liberation.


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