Sex offenders relapse prevention

It is found that the SRM contains a number of pathways, representing different combinations of offense-related goals, and the use of distinct regulation styles in relation to sexually offensive contact. Polaschek, Hudson, Ward and Siegert developed a similar model for rapists and again, found several common offence pathways for rape offenders. First, such states might constitute high-risk situations on their own and lead to relapse if the offender fails to cope effectively with them. In addition, Pithers argues that a key component of the AVE in sex offenders is the problem of immediate gratification, where an offender focuses on positive consequences of sexual assault and ignores the negative. First, there is a lifestyle, personality or situational event, which forms the background to the offence behaviour. Sexual Offence In a recent study, Ward et al. Relapse Prevention [ Click to Enlarge ] The relapse prevention model is based on the assumption that human behavior does not just happen.

Sex offenders relapse prevention

The self-regulation model SRM posits nine phases in the offense progression and four distinct pathways that lead to sexual offending. Acquisitional goals concern the establishment of a skill or situation and involve approach behaviour whereas inhibitory goals relate to the decrease or complete suppression of a behaviour or situation and necessitate avoidance behaviour. For example, an offender may use alcohol to suppress the desire to offend but in reality, the use of alcohol decreases his inhibitions, which simply increases his chance of committing a sexually abusive act. Stopping an undesired behaviour and maintaining abstinence are two different problems. Although he has problems in his life perhaps relating to his finances, social life, or job or to alcohol or drug abuse that sometimes cause him significant distress, he feels as though they are under control. The individual may not be fully aware of the motives behind these decisions i. Second, the offender becomes dysphoric i. Each risk factor is written to show how it could lead to a relapse. In addition, the high recidivism rates of sexual offenders have led many theorists and researchers to view sexual deviance as analogous to addiction Laws, Risk Factors The risk factor section covers major risk factors one faces in their life and how to handle them when they occur. For example, an individual might move back and forth from lifestyle stresses to high-risk situations several times before finally relapsing. It involves helping offenders develop strategies to respond effectively and safely to triggers that are part of their offense cycle. Following the lapse, the offender experiences the AVE. One must remember that just because certain issues covered in the hypothetical reoffense my arise, that does not mean one is going to reoffend. Hence, the presence of a relapse prevention component is considered pivotal to the ongoing success of achieving abstinence from ongoing psychological problems, for example, substance abuse or pathological gambling. That is, each set of processes can lead to relapse on their own and do not need to function as integrated components of the same process. In addition, Pithers argues that a key component of the AVE in sex offenders is the problem of immediate gratification, where an offender focuses on positive consequences of sexual assault and ignores the negative. Pithers states that a high-risk situation is typically characterised by a negative emotional state, interpersonal conflict, or external conditions e. Post-offence evaluations are negative fear of being caught or feelings of disgust and regret , and subsequently the offender does not intend to offend again. Personal Goals Personal goals are goals that are set to assist one in living a healthy lifestyle. Failure to cope effectively with this situation could potentially lead to a lapse e. Feelings of anxiety or boredom may lead an offender to go for a walk. Negative affect as a high-risk situation Pithers identifies negative affect as an example of a high-risk situation but neglects to clarify how this is so. At the centre of RP theory is a study of the conditions that can turn lapse into relapse. Note that for Pithers the PIG occurs as part of the AVE and facilitates the transition from a lapse to a relapse, whereas for Marlatt, it mediates the transition from a high-risk situation to a lapse.

Sex offenders relapse prevention

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